Japanese Anime Classic Collection

[Tokyo] : Digital Meme, 2007
Descrizione Japanese Anime Classic Collection . - [Tokyo] : Digital Meme, 2007. - 4 DVD-video (355 min.)
Region All. - This four-DVD set of vintage anime presents 55 titles from the 1920s and 1930s, the Golden Age of Japanese silent film. With unprecedented multilingual translation, this collection is the first to offer international audiences many of these classic anime as they were originally experienced by Japanese viewers, with accompanying benshi narration. Entertaining, exciting, and startling, the collection will be treasured by enthusiasts and researchers as a valuable tool for retracing Japanese animation from its earliest roots. Special features includes; Live narration on many titles by such beloved as Midori Sawato : A rare opportunity to compare two separate benshi performances on a single title, Danemon's Monster Hunt at Shojoji : A collection of Record Talkies, anime that came to theaters together with a gramophone record to provide a simultaneous audio track with music, voice, and effects...now synchronized with the film.
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